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By David Wellington

ISBN-10: 2811207007

ISBN-13: 9782811207007

Selon les rapports officiels, tous les vampires sont morts. Mais Arkeley, ancien agent fédéral, sait que l'un d'entre eux est encore en vie et manigance le retour des siens. Aussi est-il tiré de sa retraite par le FBI pour enquêter, avec Laura Caxton, sur un contrôle de regimen qui a mal tourné... Les créatures qu'ils s'apprêtent à combattre sont de véritables machines à tuer.

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Owen stood and fired again, aiming at the one nearer to him. The bullet missed, but before the men could turn Owen was able to squeeze the trigger again and get off another shot. He felt a searing pain in his hand and forearm. The powder had blown back from the chamber and he could see the black scorch-marks on the skin of his arm. He didn’t even realize he’d dropped the gun until he heard it clattering against the rocks below. It was well out of his reach, and thankfully out of theirs too. But now they were emboldened, and the two began climbing up towards him.

But Owen’s plan was more subtle than that. As he approached, Owen threw his sword to the ground and then, in a single motion, grabbed the soldier’s lapels and took a step backwards off the edge of the cliff. The Russian might have been able to stop himself alone from falling, but he had not been prepared for anything so suicidal. The drop was not far – four feet at most. Owen had seen the ledge running just below the cliff top when he first looked out over that edge of the plateau. He landed heavily, feeling his head hit stone, but managed to remain conscious.

She guessed that one of the girls had not yet been issued with it; perhaps Raisa Styepanovna. ’ she asked. Yudin said nothing, but nodded his head towards the ticket. Tamara looked. The name on it was her own: Tamara Valentinovna Komarova. She had never needed such a thing before, despite meriting it, but this made things seem official. Yudin had been toying with her earlier. She looked questioningly at him. ’ She cursed herself for thinking things might be any different, then turned and left. CHAPTER II DMITRY FELT ENTOMBED.

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