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By Traina A.J.M.

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;Animation information & tips vol. 2 КНИГИ ; ХОББИ и РЕМЕСЛА Автор: Shawn Kelly, Carlos Baena Название:Animation information & methods vol. 2 Издательство: Animation Mentor Год: 2009 Формат: PDF Страниц: 70 Размер: 12 МбПосле выхода первого сборника практических советов для аниматоров его создатели получили так много откликов, что не замедлили выпустить продолжение.

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In other games the character’s skills are set. For example, a lineman in a football game already comes with the skill for blocking defenders. A driver in a racing game already knows how to drive. In some games, skill is based on player input. This is often the case with fighting games where combo moves are common. In these types of games, the character’s skill is equal only to the player’s ability to play the game. n Personality. Game characters need to have personality to be recognizable in today’s competitive marketplace.

If you are new to drawing or haven’t had a lot of training, you will likely have learned a few bad habits that you will need to break. Some of these habits include the following: n Holding the pencil incorrectly n Drawing too darkly in the beginning stages of the drawing n Not blocking in the general shapes before adding detail n Erasing too much Let’s start by looking at how to hold the pencil. Drawing Holding and Using the Pencil Incorrectly One of the biggest problems beginning artists have is that they don’t hold the pencil correctly for drawing.

Game artists use painting programs to create 2D art for games. Two-dimensional art is often created by the artist from scratch instead of by manipulating other art or photographs. For this reason, the CD that comes with this book contains a painting program—Corel Painter. This program is great for creating art. It has some very powerful features that allow you to use tools that simulate natural drawing and painting techniques. Drawing on a computer is much like drawing on paper—if you have the right hardware.

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