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By Carl Wickland

Vintage e-book on Spiritism, psychic examine, after-death.

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One time you say one thing, and another time you say another. Dr. I mean, when did you lose your body? Sp. I haven't lost my body; it's not in the grave. Dr. Were you ever sick, and did you suddenly become better? Sp. I was very sick, and when I got better, I was in a prison. I was moving around and some woman bothered me. There were lots of us, but they all got so scared of the fire that they left. Dr. When did you come to Los Angeles? Sp. I'm not in Los Angeles; I'm in Dallas, Texas. If I am in Los Angeles, how did I get here?

Sp. It's that woman, she talks and talks and talks. (Patient, Mrs. ) She never can keep still very long at a time. I felt sometimes like shaking her good. We just had some new company come in. They talk and talk. It makes me sick; they make me get out. They are the worst I ever saw. Dr. Did anything happen at all? Sp. Lightning played around my head, until I didn't know where I was. ) I thought it was far distant, but, my God and Stars in Heaven, how it hit me! Dr. What did you want to do at such times?

Sp. Yes, but I got so mad, because there was always a woman there; she knew all I wanted to say. I felt that some, times I should have a chance. Whenever they talked, that woman talked. A man has no chance to say anything when a woman begins to talk. Dr. You must have been a married man. Sp. Why yes, I am married. Dr. Was it a success, or a failure? Sp. I don't know what it was - an excuse anyway. I was not so very happy. Women always talk too much. They can't leave a fellow alone a minute at a time.

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