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A History of Christian Thought xxxix This is true even of the Apostles' Creed. " This is not simply a statement that says something in itself. It is at the same time the rejection of dualism, formulated after a life-and-death struggle of a hundred years. The same is true of the other dogmas. The later they are, the more clearly they show this negative character. We may call them protective doctrines, for they were intended to protect the substance of the biblical message. To an extent the substance was fluid; of course, there was a fixed core, the confession that Jesus was the Christ.

These people wanted to live according to the doctrines of their masters. During this period when the skeptical mood permeated the ancient world, they wanted certainty above all; they demanded it in order to live. The Preparation for Christianity 5 Their answer was that their great teachers, Plato or Aristotle, Zeno the Stoic or Epicurus, and at a later time, Plotinus, were not merely thinkers or professors, but they were inspired men. Long before Christianity the idea of inspiration was developed in these Greek schools; the founders of these schools were inspired.

Of course, it is not necessary to reject something simply because it happens to be Roman or Greek, but neither is it necessary to The Preparation for Christianity 3 accept something which the church has derived from Rome or Greece, even if sanctioned by a dogmatic decision. C. H E L L E N I S T I C PHILOSOPHY Within this realm of one world, of a world history and monarchy created by Rome, we have Greek thought. This is the Hellenistic period of Greek philosophy. We distinguish the classical period of Greek thought, which ends with the death of Aristotle, from the Hellenistic period which includes the Stoics, Epicureans, Neo-Pythagoreans, Skeptics, and Neo-Platonists.

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A History of Christian Thought: From its Judaic and Hellenistic Origins to Existentialism by Paul; Edited by Braaten, Carl E. Tillich

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