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Moseley considers warfare from all angles: Christian, Marxist, Platonic, behavioralist, monetary, mental, and organic; he concludes that market-based societies are inclined to foster cooperation greater than wrestle. ?

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Also: “‘War’ is a generic form that applies to certain bellicose acts that have in common the use of force and violence. If war is not a unique event but a multiplicity of events, or of types and classes of events, it seems logical that they are initiated by different causes. ” Frondizi, “The Ideological Origins of the Third World War,” p. 80 William James, from The Varieties of Religious Experience, quoted in Brenner, Logic and Philosophy, p. 29. ” The Principles of Human Knowledge, p. 58. Berkeley would agree with Frondizi, that ‘war’ does not exist, for his epistemology entails that when we think of war what we envisage individual wars we know of.

Metaphysically, such concerted action is always voluntary — that is, it requires the compliance of each individual. War arises when individuals decide to aggress or defend values in a group endeavor, either by joining up themselves or by delegating others to fight. The group does not decide, for groups do not think or act — action and thought always pertain to individuals. Resolving the philosophical confusions here, concerning the nature of action, is the subject of the following chapters, in which a variety of theories are examined for their coherence, strengths, and weak< 39 > A Philosophy of War nesses in explaining war.

Similarly, the opportunity cost of leaving farm lands outside of the harvest and sowing seasons is minimal to an agricultural society, while taking a factory worker away from the factory involves a much higher cost of opportunities forgone. Cf. i. This is especially the case when the costs of war are not directly born by the population but are ameliorated or hidden by credit expansion, monetary debasement, or are deferred through the raising of a national debt (in which case future generations end up footing the bill).

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