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This led to conflicts between these large fleets and the local, small-scale fishers of developing countries. Development projects in the 1950s and 1960s promoted improved gear and vessel technology, almost to the exclusion of other, nontechnical considerations. The failure of communities to adopt the techniques was attributed to shortcomings of the fishermen themselves. By the mid-1970s the small-scale sector was not only failing to benefit from fishery development projects, in some cases it was actually being harmed.

The rise in the real price of fish resulting from the continually increasing demand for limited natural supplies has increased the pressure from coastal states to allocate exclusive rights of use. But al-though this pressure has led to a general extension of national jurisdiction over fisheries, it has not yet resulted in operationally adequate use rights in most domestic fisheries, Moreover, the rise in fish prices has significant ramifications throughout the industry, affecting consumers, patterns of trade, innovative processing technologies, and the development of aquaculture.

Extension of national jurisdiction. As the maximum sustainable yields from the most easily obtainable stocks of fish were reached, the industrial countries (as well as a few developing ones) intensified their efforts in distant waters. The presence of large foreign fleets in countries' near-shore waters stimulated a move for change in the law of the sea. By the end of the 1970s this had culminated in the extension of jurisdiction over fishery resources to 200 nautical miles off the coast. This extension of jurisdiction had profound effects for both industrial and developing countries.

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