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By Colin Wilson

ISBN-10: 0245542450

ISBN-13: 9780245542459

Is the near-death adventure a safeguard mechanism of the mind or have humans really been at the threshold of one other global? Colin Wilson assesses the proof that includies mediumship, paranormal job, spirit sightings, and spirit communications. notably, he contains the remarkable case histories of people that declare to have "died, " and stated their stories of the afterlife.

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The birth of psychometry. The life of Daniel Dunglas Home. A seance in a Parisian drawing room. Home’s career in Europe. Lord Adare’s experiences with Home. Home’s ability to change his height. 4: Psychical Research Comes of Age The scientists revolt against spiritualism. The chatter of old women and curates’. Alfred Russel Wallace hypnotises a schoolboy. Mrs Guppy flies through the air. Lewis Carroll: ‘… trickery will not do as a complete explanation’. Robert Dale Owen’s Footfalls on the Boundary of Another World.

Jaynes advances the extraordinary theory that our remote ancestors heard ‘voices’ all the time, the reason being that — according to Jaynes — early man lacked all self-awareness in our modern sense of the word. Jaynes believes that our cave-man ancestors could not look inside themselves and say: ‘Now let me think …’, because they had no ‘inner me’. Their eyes were like a car’s headlamps, directed permanently towards the outside world. So if one of these men was ordered to go and build a dam down the river, he would find it extremely difficult to remember why he was ambling along the river bank.

Sarah had known her grandmother as a child; perhaps she had heard the story about the fire from her own lips. Perhaps she recognised how similar her mother’s problems had been to her own. And her unconscious mind had ‘re-told’ her the story as a rationalisation of her own sufferings … But the more I read of Crabtree’s book (which his publishers had sent to me, asking if I would write an introduction) the more I saw that such explanations are unacceptable. He goes on to recount another eight cases from his practice, each one involving some type of ‘possession’.

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