New PDF release: An Alchemical Treatise on the Great Art

By Antoine-Joseph Pernety

ISBN-10: 0877287252

ISBN-13: 9780877287254

It is a hugely prompt paintings on alchemy. Althought it does not precisely supply away any "secrets" it is helping clarify a lot of the worldview of the alchemists of historical (and modern!) times.

"Of the technique of Arriving on the mystery the necessities important to be able to arrive at this mystery, are: the data of Nature and of one's self. One would possibly not comprehend the 1st completely, or perhaps the second one, with out assistance from Alchemy. the affection of knowledge, the horror of crime, and of falsehood, ... the organization of the clever, the invocation of the Holy Spirit; to not upload mystery to mystery, to connect one's self in basic terms to at least one factor (because God and Nature savor team spirit and simplicity), such are the stipulations beneficial for acquiring the divine revelation. guy being the epitome of all Nature, needs to learn how to comprehend himself because the precis, the miniature of Nature. through his non secular half he's allied to all immortal creatures, and through his fabric half, to all that that is brief within the Universe."

- Antoine-Joseph Pernety, who was once among different issues a Benedictine Monk, and Librarian of Frederick the good, King of Prussia.

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2), spoken as madmen who think evil, and have said:- Copyright © Flaming Sword Productions 1997 The Great Art page 35 “Our Life is short and tedious, and in the death of a man there is no remedy: neither was there any man known to have returned from the grave. “For we are born at all adventure: and we shall be hereafter as though we had never been; for the breath in our nostrils is as smoke, and a little spark, in the moving of our heart: “Which, being extinguished, our body shall be turned into ashes, and our spirit shall vanish as the soft air .

He who seeks in Nature another element of Fire, is ignorant of what the sun and light are. It is placed in the Moist Radical as its proper seat. With animals it seems to have established its chief domicile in the heart, which communicates it to all parts, as the sun does to all the Universe. The Fire of Nature is her first agent. It reduces the germs from potentiality to actuality. As soon as it no longer acts, all apparent movement and all vital action ceases. The principle of movement is light, and movement is the cause of heat.

Its moisture weakens it, and could produce nothing unless aided by the celestial heat, pure and without mixture, which leaves to generation, by exciting the action of the internal fire, by developing it, by expanding it, and by drawing it, to speak thus, from the center of the seed, where it lies torpid and concealed. These two heats by their homogeneity work in concert for the production and preservation of the Mixts. All cold is contrary to production. When a matter is of this nature, it becomes passive, and is fit for production only as long as it is aided and corrected by an outside force.

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