ANCIENT EGYPT: The Light of the World( volume 2) by Gerald Massey PDF

By Gerald Massey

ISBN-10: 160206086X

ISBN-13: 9781602060869

This can be half 2 of the Gerald Masseys paintings concerning the comparisons among the Judeo-Christian faith and the Egyptian faith. not anyone ever understood the mythology and formality of old Egypt so good as Gerald Massey because the time of the traditional Philosophers of Egypt. This booklet is among the better of its sort and essential for each pupil of Egyptian mythology and heritage.

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VII, p. 131). In the Mexican pictures there is an earlier type of the pole as a point of departure than the tower of brick. It has been called the starting-point of the Aztecs after the deluge. In this the mount or mound of earth rises from the water, like an island from the ocean, with a tree upon its summit. The mount is thus identifiable with the pole by means of the typical tree. It is likewise identified with the pole as the mount that topples over, the crooked mount Culhuacan, upon which the ark of Tezpi rested after the deluge.

But an ark, as a means of refuge in relation to a deluge of water, is not limited to the boat-type. The ark of Noë on the Apamean coin is figured as a box four-square. This, in Egyptian, is a Teba, Hebrew Thebah, the name of Noah’s ark, and of Thebes as a form of the eternal city. There was an ark of the sphere which is described in the Thlinkeet legend as a vast floating building. At the time of the deluge it struck on the mount, or was driven on the rock and broken in two halves by its own weight.

M. Satow, Pure Shinto, p. ) That is when the island which was “selfcurdled” in the celestial ocean gave its name to an earthly island in the Yellow Sea. To see that the jewelled spear was an emblem of the pole we have but to compare this legend with the Indian version called “the churning of the ocean,” in which a mountain (the mount of the pole) takes the place of the spear as the typical churning-stick. ) But this was no cosmical creation of the earth itself amidst the waters of space. Such an interpretation is only an erroneous literalization of the legendary lore.

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