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Old Greek Lyrics collects Willis Barnstone's based translations of Greek lyric poetry -- together with the main entire Sappho in English, newly translated. This quantity features a consultant sampling of the entire major poets, from Archilochos, within the seventh century BCE, via Pindar and the opposite nice singers of the classical age, all the way down to the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine sessions. William E. McCulloh's creation illuminates the types and improvement of the Greek lyric whereas Barnstone offers a short biographical and literary cartoon for each one poet and provides a considerable advent to Sappho -- revised for this version -- whole with notes and resources. A thesaurus and up-to-date bibliography are integrated.

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Translated by Willis Barnstone and William McCulloh Thasos and Sicily This wheatless island stands like a donkey’s back. It bristles with a tangle of wild woodland. * An Island in the North Aigaian All, O all the calamities of all the Hellenes are set loose on this battleground in Thasos. The Doublecross† Let brawling waves beat his ship against the shore, and have the mop-haired Thracians take him naked at Salmydessos, and he will suffer a thousand calamities * These two separate fragments are found together.

A Vessel of Wine Go take your cup and walk along the timber deck of our roaming ship; drain the hollow casks of all their red wine. How can we stay sober on the watch when all the rest are drunk? A Drowning They laid down their lives in the arms of waves. Archilochos 7 Shipwreck The vessel wavered on the cutting edge between the stormwinds and the waves. Prayer at Sea Often, when their vessel was threatened by the gray salty sea, they prayed to Athene of the lovely braids for sweet return. On Friends Lost at Sea If you irritate the wound, Perikles, no man in our city will enjoy the festivities.

Many times they topple a man and pin him, back to the soil, though he was solid on his feet. A multitude of evils batters him as he wanders hungry and mad. On Dead Animals Many of them, I hope, will be dried up by the sharp rays of the sun in its zenith, by the sun in the time of the Dog Star. Proverb for a Great Scoundrel The fox knows many tricks, the hedgehog only one. A good one. His Two Virtues I am a servant of the kingly wargod Enyalios and am also skilled in the lovely arts. Wine of Naxos Is like Nectar but His Javelin Is Much More My javelin is good white bread and Ismarian wine.

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