Angel by LA Weatherly PDF

By LA Weatherly

ISBN-10: 1409521966

ISBN-13: 9781409521969

Willow understands she's various from different ladies. and never simply because she loves tinkering round with vehicles. Willow has a present. she will be able to investigate people's futures, comprehend their desires, their hopes and their regrets, simply by touching them. She has no concept the place she will get this strength from - yet Alex does. beautiful, mysterious Alex understands Willow's mystery and is on a undertaking to prevent her. The darkish forces inside of Willow make her risky - and impossible to resist. even with himself, Alex reveals he's falling in love together with his sworn enemy.

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I stared at her. ” There was a pause as Beth gazed down at the dining table, tracing a pattern on the lace tablecloth. Final y she took a deep breath and looked me square in the eyes. ” I opened my mouth and then slowly closed it again, lost for words. The Church of Angels was this massive church that had just sort of sprung up out of nowhere in the last couple of years. More like a cult, real y. I was always seeing their commercials on TV: lots of blissed-out looking people going on about how the angels were pure love, and had helped them with practical y every problem known to mankind.

He slowed for a moment, letting his gaze drift out of focus. An aura swam into view around the dark figure: pale silver, with a faint blue light flickering feebly at its edges. Alex quickened his step. The creature hadn’t fed in days – which meant that he must be on the hunt now. Sure enough, the man led him to a bar downtown. Spurs, flashed the sign in front. A yel ow and pink neon figure of a cowgirl wearing shorts and a tiny leather vest flashed on and off, waving her hat. There was the heavy pulse of music, and a chorus of raucous male cheers.

I waited too long to shoot – I looked into its eyes – I—” His headache threatened to blind him as Cul y lightly cuffed the back of his head. “None of that, boy,” he said. He draped an arm around Alex’s neck as they started walking back to the jeep. “Didn’t I just tel you, it’s hard when they look at you? You did good. ” Now, five years later in Aspen, Alex stared out the window at the Rocky Mountains, seeing the dry, rugged hil s of New Mexico instead. As it turned out, only a handful of angels had ever seen him again; it had just been sheer bad luck that it had happened his first time on his own.

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