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What does American pragmatism give a contribution to modern debates approximately human-animal relationships? Does it recognize our connections to all residing issues? Does it convey us toward a moral remedy of all animals? What approximately searching, vegetarianism, animal experimentation, and the welfare of cattle? whereas questions about human family members with animals were with us for millennia, there was a marked upward push in public wisdom approximately animal matters - even McDonald's advertises that they use humanely handled animals as foodstuff resources. In "Animal Pragmatism", 12 energetic and provocative essays tackle issues on the intersection of pragmatist philosophy and animal welfare. themes disguise a vast diversity of concerns, together with ethical attention of animals, the ethics of animal experimentation, institutional animal care, environmental defense of animal habitat, farm animal welfare, animal conversation, and animal morals. Readers who have interaction with animals, even if as pets or on a plate, will discover a strong and engaging exploration of human-nonhuman relationships. Its participants are: James M. Albrecht, Douglas R. Anderson, Steven Fesmire, Glenn Kuehn, Todd Lekan, Andrew gentle, John J. McDermott, Erin McKenna, Phillip McReynolds, Ben Minteer, Matthew Pamental, Paul Thompson, and Jennifer Welchman.

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Kuehn points out, as do others engaged with this subject, that while most of us want our vegetables to look like vegetables we want our meat to look like anything but a dead animal. We are embodied creatures sustained by the ®esh of other embodied creatures. Although some are bothered by this relationship, Dewey’s aesthetics makes us see that growth entails decay and life subsists on death. This collection clearly covers a great deal of ground. Still, it is just a beginning. The essays here represent individual articulations of a pragmatist approach to a variety of animal-related issues.

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